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  • Upon the Apparatus

    2015 Gallery K | Louisville, KY | Acrylic on Wall 20'x16' | This image is a visual description of Mario Savio's famous speech. "There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part! You can't even passively take part! And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels…upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop" The main figure represents the Statue of Liberty and the insides the people are revolting and throwing their bodies on the gears that make this machine run. Surrounding the center piece shows the various ways in which the pursuit of liberty is has affected our immediate environment and the people living within.

    Death Awakens

    2015 | Chicago, IL | Ink on Board 24" x 36" | This image is a reflection of what we are seeing in today's world. From decapitations in the Arab states to decapitations in the Latin states. This barbaric act has been brought to light as an act of terror and strength. Atrocities of this nature are committed to awaken those who are not aware of current global conflicts. It takes an act of this nature to finally draw attention to an otherwise dormant populace. This image was created on top of Battle of Beliefs, as it further illustrates the conflict within ourselves manifest into physical reality.


















Catalyst For Change

2013-2014 | Houston, TX | Ink on Board 24" x 48" | The idea of this image came from a conversation about change. Changing the state of our environment is one that is highly debated and often neglected. Many of us think that it is out of our hands. I believe that we can impact our environment in a positive way just as equally as we can in a negative way. The image shows both sides and both possible outcomes depending on what way we chose.



Dominance of Nature

2014 | Houston, TX | Ink on Board 24" x 36" | This image is of female hunter who is a depiction of man's desire to want to dominate all walks of live, the animal kingdom, natural environment and man himself. The image in the background represents the false idol of monetary wealth. There are two servants at the ready to collect their wealth but their pans remain empty as the gold coins pile up around them



In Spirit We Find Truth

2013 | Houston, TX | Ink on Board 24" x 36" | This image depcits the bond that we find in each other with a belief system as a catalyst. The two statues at the top represent baptism on a global scale. The group surrounds a mythical figure in the center and prays to it as thier savior. Bearing gifts in her honor. Hidden within the clothing of the group is the decisions that we choose to make based on our beliefs. We can choose a life of prosperity of we can choose a life of destruction.




Battle Of Beliefs

2011 | Houston, TX | Ink on Board 24" x 36" | The eternal struggle between good and evil. From ancient ruins to modern day tragedies, the hands of justice resides at the top of the image being pulled by forces of good and forces of evil, portraying that our beliefs are what we deem to be justifiable. The central figure depicts a man who is battling with these beliefs, with each snake that he severs another grows in its place.




La Protejera

2010-2012 | Houston, TX | Ink on Board 24" x 48"

Often times we let our beliefs interfere with spreading of our knowledge. We withhold information which could be beneficial to other populations and bring about self sustainability or autonomy. We withhold said information for power or political gain. How much better would we be if we could openly share that whihc would make our years of existence that much easier, with unneeded struggles.


2010-2014 | Houston, TX | Ink on Board 48" x 36" | This is a depiction of the fertility goddess. The image reinforces cycles of life that we move in. Night to day, season to season, life to death.


Old Knowledge

2012 | New Orleans, LA | Ink on Board 24" x 36" | This image is a depiction of the elegant methods of hiding valueable knowledge from the population.


Tree of Knowledge

2014 Freneticore Theater | Houston, TX | Acrylic on Board 20'x16 | This image is a depiction of Adam And Eve discovering knowledge that was kept from them. In the image they are discvoering books and sharing them with one another. Eve is lighting a lamp that hangs form the sacred tree. The lamp is in the shape of the earth. To me it represents the time when written language was created and history became documented.




About JC Arredondo.

JC Arredondo is a Mexican - American mixed media artist whose artwork can range from large scale painting to minute illustrations to new media works. In his work he explores mythology and deities in cultures and visually details their purpose and the stories that are carried with them. As well as the eventual mixture of stories that happens over time, stories becoming intertwined with one another and trading or sharing characters. The emphasis of the artwork is to tell a story in similar fashion to that of ancient artworks and hieroglyphics, through a purely visual approach. A teaching tool of sorts that has been lost and overlooked by most forms of modern artwork. A tool for inspiration and change. The artwork in itself takes influences from Middle American, South American and Egyptian hieroglyphics and adds elements of more modern imagery such as Art Nouveau, Surrealism, and references from Los Tres Grandes Mexican muralists from the 1920's, creating a mixed breed of artwork to further illustrate the blending of culture.

Selected Exhibitions and Projects.

2015 “Protejera“Mural Project, Hart's , Chicago, IL

2015 “Upon The Apparatus” Mural, Gallery K, Louisville, KY

2015 “Stairway to the Past” Mural, Flamingo Gallery, Louisville, KY

2014 Lighthouse Charity Gala Guest Painter ; Witte Museum, San Antonio, TX

2014 Frenetic Theater Anniversary Mural Project; Frenetic Theater, Houston, TX

2014 Sisters in Flight Mural; Lost Ward Gallery, Houston, TX

2014 Spirit Mural, City of Las Cruces; Las Cruces, NM

2013 Art on the Avenue; Winter Street Studios, Houston, TX

2013 Angel Mural; The Compound, Houston, TX

2013 Frida Festival; East End Gallery, Houston, TX

2013 “Amongst The Chaos” Mural; The Doctor's Office, Houston, TX

2013 “Evening Stays” Mural; Montrose Proper, Houston, TX

2012 “Violinze Art Products Showcase” Mural; Cardoza Fine Art Gallery, Houston, TX

2011 “Athena Mural”; Local Live Media, Houston, TX

2009 Via Colori Charity Art Festival; Center for the Hearing Impaired, Houston, TX

2008 Via Colori Charity Art Festival; Center for the Hearing Impaired ,Houston, TX

2008 “Trash Piles”; Diverse Works, Houston, TX

2007 Big Show; Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX

2006 Go Figure Juried Exhibition, M2 Gallery, Houston, TX

2006 Red Hot, Midtown Art Center; Houston, TX


2012 American Express Passion Project Winner

2004 Houston Community College People's Choice Scholarship Winner




Juan Carlos is currently available for commissions and murals.

Send all inquires to jca@arredondoarts.com